Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Party on the patio

Its 70 degrees in NY today, and sunny. I'm inside doing this. That's ok, though. I have a handful of things to get done in the near future, but that should leave the late Spring and Summer to be not doing this stuff.

I've been plugging away on the Groovy/Wicket implementation. There's still a ways to go with regards to making everything work as it should, but I've made significant progress.
  • Dynamically generated classes are cached rather than re-generated each time.
  • Models, and soon behaviors and validators, can be added by the builder in the same way as components, including overridden methods.
  • Closure representation has been significantly cleaned up. Initially local references were banned, but there are certain situations which require them, so the wrappers attempt to handle that properly.

There's been a lot of other tweaks and additions. Right now I'm focused on getting the major stuff that you'd expect to work to actually work. I'm also hoping to build a reasonable example application and put that in the code base with everything else.

In the meantime, to better explain how the whole thing works, I recorded myself building a simple page. The quality isn't so hot, and my narration isn't the most exciting in the world, but I've got a few other things to get to today:


At some point in the near future I'll try doing the same thing with a more complicated page.


n8han said...

Hey, at least you're aware of the outside temperature. It could be back to freezing for all I know.

Graeme Rocher said...

btw you may want to check this out: http://graemerocher.blogspot.com/2007/05/grails-wicket-wonders-of-grails-plug-in.html

Grails & Wicket integrated and using GORM. This in combination with a Wicket builder would be awesome. The repo can be found here: http://svn.grails-plugins.codehaus.org/browse/grails-plugins/grails-wicket/trunk

You may want to consider integrating the two. I can give you SVN access to that repo if you are interested


Graeme Rocher said...

Silly blogger comments. Here is the SVN link

KPG said...

Interesting. I'll take a look. The builder I was working on has taken a backseat. I started a new "> full time" job (ie. more than 40 hours a week), started a new company (the big JSF-based website I was working on), and on top of that, I moved a couple weeks ago. Things are settling down, and I plan to finish the builder. I ran into big snags with my implementation. Well, more to the point, big question marks that need to turn into periods.

I took a quick look at this way back, and thought the springmvc action-ish model would have problems with wicket's component/post-back model. However, regardless, I'm still convinced that groovy fits into pretty much any normal application's development, and grails is the "killer app" that might push it out there. It would be good to have complementary projects rather than competing.