Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wicket Groovy Builder finds a home

After a chat with Eelco Hillenius from, my new wicket groovy project is now integrating with wicket-groovy over at The wiki page is at...

Putting it there makes a whole lot more sense than starting a new project.

I've converted the package name and committed the first version of the builder project to...

The trunk has not been updated yet, as it works with wicket 2.0, and I haven't even looked at that code yet.

The original wicket-groovy project had one maven project with an example app mixed in. I've moved that into two maven projects:
  1. jar: This is the java-only base package
  2. webapp-example: This is an example webapp (as of today, I haven't added anything here)
Setting up the project and IDE can be a bit complex. I have a basic description on my site at:

Wiki updates and mailing list announcements coming soon...

1 comment:

Eelco Hillenius said...

Hi. Don't bother to upgrade to trunk/ 2.0 yet though, as we're about to backtrack part of that development. You can read all about that on the mailing lists. The best version to work against is 1.3.0.